Learn More About Optometry

See an Optometrist First

Optometrists are frequently the first health care practitioner a patient sees because of the complaint of blurred vision. Over two-thirds of eye exams in the United States are performed by optometrists. If it relates to the eyes, the optometrist will solve the problem. If not, he or she will educate and guide the patient to the proper medical subspecialist.

A comprehensive eye health and vision evaluation by your optometrist will include a determination of refractive error or need for corrective lenses, a test for cataracts and glaucoma, and pupil dilation to further examine the health of the retina. Certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, neurologic and thyroid disorders can be uncovered in an eye examination. Optometrists can prescribe medications to treat ocular conditions. Their goal is to protect, preserve, and enhance the visual world for patients.

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